• April 29–May 4, 2018
  • Sunday–Friday: 5 nights

Yoga, Psychology, and the Chakras

For everyone, including yoga teachers and mental-health professionals.

Uncover the old stories that helped to shape your psyche and chakras during your formative years. These outdated narratives have served their purpose, and updating the way in which you process and perceive the world gives you the power to manifest your full potential.

Learn to resolve psycho-spiritual imbalances in the chakras and cultivate ways to support your students and clients as they experience breakthroughs and breakdowns. This training applies the following tools to each chakra:

  • Narrative therapy to rewrite your story
  • Pranayama practices to soothe and enhance the nervous system
  • Chakra-based meditation and visualization
  • Specific asanas that stimulate or pacify each chakra
  • Chakra-balancing posture sequences.

Discover how to use the power of storytelling, yoga postures, and the bodymind as a laboratory for healing and transformation.

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Coral Brown is a licensed holistic psychotherapist and longtime student and teacher of Prana Vinyasa®.

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