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Yogic Therapy to Recalibrate the Brain Presented by SuperHealth

For all levels.

If you were a farmer, you wouldn’t go out into the field without the equipment you need to do your work; it’s the same thing in life. We need things—handy, easy to access tools—to get through the challenges of the day. In this program, you are given practical tools that you can take out into your life so that you can deal with these challenges.

SuperHealth is on the cutting edge of behavioral health and recovery protocols. It is a system of yogic science to help you break habits and addictive mindsets and behaviors. The core technology consists of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathing, nutrition restoration, and dietary formulas, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In order to achieve full self-control, we must be in control of our own human psyche. Two areas of the brain that must be developed are the frontal lobe, which controls our personality, and the upper palate, which coordinates both the autonomic nervous system and homeostatic systems. Once these areas of the brain are developed, it creates a new imprint. You no longer live by emotions and feelings—in “survival mode—but by intuitive sensitivity.

Experience a precise and effective yogic technology to recalibrate a new and healthy belief system about yourself, your family, and the global environment.

  • Experience a greater awakening of conscious decision making through Kundalini Yoga
  • Strengthen glandular and central nervous systems to develop grit and make the impossible possible
  • Recalibrate habitual patterning
  • Experience how meditation changes the neuron patterning of the brain and exalts consciousness
  • Understand how the psyche is imprinted and how the addictive personality gets formulated
  • Observe the psychological clearance of the subconscious mind to clear blocks and old thoughts and memories
  • Enjoy fresh, therapeutic juices and their healing properties
  • Learn ancient formulas and specific dietary recipes for vitality and restoration.

Transition from recovery to self-discovery as you accelerate healing, increase spiritual awareness, and deepen your relationship to your True Self.

Note This program includes optional morning sadhana (prayer, Kundalini Yoga, and meditation) sessions beginning at 4:45 am.


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Jocelyn Johnson (Suchas Kaur), APRN, has 25 years of clinical experience in conventional and alternative treatment for mental-health issues and addictions, and serves as a trainer for SuperHealth.

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Mukta Kaur Khalsa is the director of SuperHealth, a blending of yogic science and Western medicine, and personally trained with Yogi Bhajan for 30 years.

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