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Your Body Speaks, Now Listen

For everyone.

The body is a powerful storyteller. In fact, the body records our life experience as adeptly as the mind, with internal organs containing our deepest feelings and reactions. Our body speaks in heart-opening moments of joy, and through life challenges that weigh heavily on our being.

Discover ways to identify, explore, and express your body’s story through somatic movement practices, body-mindfulness meditations, and expressive arts explorations. Delve into powerful tools that help you befriend, listen to, and heal your emotional body as you experience

  • Unique and dynamic practices that empower your ability to connect with and care for your psycho-physical self
  • Simple yet potent ways to awaken the mind-body connection
  • Joy-filled and meaningful moments of soul expression through movement and dance.

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Dan Leven, RSMT, MPC, a Kripalu Legacy Faculty member, trains Registered Somatic Movement Therapists through his Shake Your Soul® and SomaSoul® programs.

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