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Your Real Home Address Finding Peace and Plenty in Chaotic Times

In a difficult and unpredictable world, many of us are trying to prevent disaster where possible and repair damage when it occurs. This may sound wise, but it’s based almost entirely on fear—and fear is the opposite of wisdom. In this program with Martha Beck, explore how this fear-based perspective often makes it impossible to achieve, acquire, or experience the things you want. This is because fear is not your real home. You are meant to live in peace.

Come learn how to

  • Establish a course and direction to move out of fear and into peace
  • Remain in peace long enough to receive the gifts that have been “sent” to this tranquil state of being
  • Anchor into a peaceful state even in stressful or frightening circumstances
  • Access and receive the gifts that are waiting for you once you regain your natural state of peace.

When we begin operating from peace, everything we want can finally reach us.

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Finding Peace and Plenty in Chaotic Times


Martha Beck, PhD, is an internationally renowned life coach and author. Her latest book is Diana, Herself: An Allegory of Awakening.

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