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Your Soul Purpose A Path to Healing and Happiness

For all levels.

We think of pain—physical, mental, or emotional—as something to be avoided at all costs. But in reality, our pain points us directly toward the path of healing. That path is the soul’s journey. There are times when we are burdened with painful emotions such as anxiety, grief, and anger or physical conditions such as back pain, headaches, or chronic illness. At other times, pain comes in the form of feeling disconnected, stressed out, or as a lack of purpose or meaning in life. These are all forms of a healing crisis. And every human being experiences this in one form or another. As we reconnect to the truth of who we are and live in alignment with that truth, we experience healing, a return to wholeness.

Anne Novak’s inspiring and uplifting teachings provide a contemporary yogic blueprint for releasing and transforming pain. Learn to identify and heal the root causes of your suffering using a variety of modalities that create a greater sense of the interplay between body, mind, and spirit, including

  • Neuroscience and pain research
  • Kundalini Yoga and meditation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Guided relaxation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Reprogramming your beliefs
  • Deep stillness

Anne’s innate gift for storytelling brings to life the concepts that she shares throughout this program, so you can understand and heal the pain in your life right away. Her compassionate, encouraging, loving presence helps motivate you to approach yoga, meditation, living, and loving with courage and commitment.

Note Please bring walking shoes, yoga clothes, and a photo of yourself at approximately two years old if possible. Silence will be recommended during one day of this retreat.

Recommended viewing Anne Novak, Radiant Health & Authentic Happiness DVD (available in the Kripalu Shop).

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Anne Novak is a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, healer and author who specializes in the neuroscience of pain.

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