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Program Participant

Early Morning

A Nourishing Foundation

Though breakfast is silent, the aromas that greet you when you walk into the Dining Hall are loud and clear: this is going to be a delicious experience: Farm-fresh. Freshly baked. Whole-grain. Organic. A great start to what is sure to be a memorable day.

Eager Anticipation

You’ve been waiting for months to come here and study with this particular teacher. The excitement is palpable and the energy is high. You look around and acknowledge your fellow program participants with a warm, welcoming smile. It feels good being here!

Hearty and Heart-Centered

You make new friends with people in your program and decide to have lunch together. You talk, laugh, share. The conversation is airy, yet substantial. Though you’re all from different backgrounds, you discover you have many commonalities. Your meal is rather excellent too.

Connect to Yourself

As you dive even deeper into your experience, you uncover new facets of yourself.  The information you’re receiving is vital and compelling. You’re excited to see where all this will take you once you return home.

Just What You Need

An early dinner feeds not only your body, but gives you plenty of time to unwind as you ease into the evening. As you digest, you are fueled to to look over your notes at the Kripalu Cafe or visit the sauna for soothing self-care.

Best Face Forward

Serene. Centered. Radiant. That’s how the facial you booked at Healing Arts makes you feel. True bliss is to be found when you treat yourself right. After all, you’ve earned it! 

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