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Crafting the Resilient Life

Create a life of strength and positivity.

2017 Dates Coming Soon!

with Maria Sirois

On-Site and Online

Resilience leads to a happier, calmer and more potent life. Through the science of resilience and the study of happiness, we can choose to enhance our capacity and to focus on the practices and attitudes that enable us to cultivate healthy transformation. As we do, we build a foundation for optimal living in times of stress, loss, and sudden change.

You learn

  • What resilience is and how to foster it
  • Why happiness matters and how it increases well-being
  • How resilience and happiness intersect to bring about lasting change
  • Practical tools from Positive Psychology, including mindfulness, happiness boosters, and re-storying
  • How shifts in attitude can restructure difficult moments into positive growth.

Learn to move through challenging times into a more serene life—one in which you flourish no matter what.

Unique Course format

This in-depth program combines two on-campus immersions with online learning modules. At Kripalu, you’ll live what you’re learning in a holistic environment ideal for self-exploration. At home, you’ll benefit from faculty assistance and a supportive online community.

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To integrate your experience more fully, we suggest extending your stay by a day or more in Kripalu’s R&R Retreat program.

On-Site and Online

This unique program blends your Kripalu experience with online engagement with faculty and other students. Your program experience begins even before you arrive at Kripalu, you connect with faculty and other students via our private online classroom and start diving into the course material— arrive primed and ready to get the most out of your time at Kripalu.

Following the immersions, we continue to deepen the impact of our experience through

  • Weekly conference calls
  • Yoga practices and meditations
  • Forum conversations
  • and more. 

Each week for fifteen weeks,  a new lesson is introduced and you have a chance to connect with Maria and each other. You also have access to all the course material for two weeks following the end of the course.


"Maria Sirois is the master teacher I have been looking for. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you are sure to learn something extraordinary about your life and the meaning of your work. If you have the chance to learn from Maria, don’t think twice, just go."
—Wendy M.

"I would like to express gratitude to Crafting the Resilient Life Teacher, Maria Sirois. Our resilience class was thoughtfully designed, skillfully taught, and effectively 'crafted' to reach out, draw in, and connect participants with their individual strengths and with each other as a group."
—Marcia M.

Maria Sirois

Maria Sirois, PsyD, psychologist and seminar leader, is an international expert in the fields of resilience and flourishing. Known for her wisdom, authenticity, and humor, she brings invigorating practices and perspectives to corporate and nonprofit audiences alike.