A Day in the Life of Kripalu R&R

Life can be hectic. Your attention is constantly being pulled in a million different directions, putting your nervous system on edge. So much to do, so little time.

And then … a picture that takes your breath away: A wide vista of rolling hills and open sky, punctuated by the expanse of a serene lake. Encountering this image fills with you unexpected tranquility. Listen to the message from within . . . What is it telling you?

Today is the perfect time to press the Pause button. Nothing beats a Kripalu R&R when it comes to exceptional self-care—from lounging in your sweats on a comfy couch to sweating up a storm in Kripalu Vinyasa, and everything in between. You’ll return home refreshed, re-inspired, and ready to face the world with a spacious heart and a clear head. It’s amazing what a few days away can do!

Curious what an R&R experience is like? Here’s a sample schedule.

6:30 am: Rise to Shine
A series of gentle stretches in a Kripalu Yoga class enlivens your senses. You feel focused, calm, and grounded . . . and you haven’t even had your coffee yet!

8:15 am: Delicious Contemplation
At silent breakfast, you eat mindfully, savoring each bite: Scrambled eggs with steamed veggies; cinnamon raisin toast with strawberry jam; a mug of organic coffee with a splash of local milk. (At last!)

9:00 am: Wander to Wonder
A guided hike through the Yukon Ridge grounds you in the present moment and fills your lungs with fresh air. That to-do list, which seemed so pressing a few days ago, is but a distant memory, wispier than the far-off fog enveloping the Berkshire hills.

11:00 am: Align to Refine
Excited to learn new ways to experience an old favorite, you participate in a posture clinic on Triangle pose, taught by Kripalu School of Yoga faculty.  A deeper anatomical and philosophical understanding brings you into a fresh expression of the posture.

12:00 pm: Free Flow
Feeling open in body and heart, you’re ready to take a bit of a risk, in the form of Kripalu YogaDance. At first it seems a little awkward—but you soon dive into playful movement with your neighbors. When it's over, you find yourself smiling at everyone and everything—and making new friends at lunch.

2:00 pm: Reflection and Inspiration

A journaling workshop connects you to your inner wisdom as you envision your best life. A sense of calm and joy settles over you as the words flow freely and eloquently onto your page.  

3:00 pm: Retail Yoga Therapy
The Kripalu Shop and Cafe carries everything you need to equip your inner rock-star yogi: Books by your favorite meditation teachers, sturdy mats (like the ones in the program rooms), mala beads—and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

7:30 pm: Body (Un)work
You end the day with a Kripalu Meditative Massage. The combination of healing touch and energy work unwinds your muscles and leaves every cell in your being vibrating with new awareness.

10:00 pm: Lights Out, Inner Light Glowing
Relaxed, happy, and tired in a good way, you head to bed. You can’t wait to do this all over again tomorrow! Ooooh, I think I’ll check out that Ayurvedic lecture in the afternoon, you think as you drift off. Sweet dreams …

Meet our faculty and browse the R&R workshop schedule with our new interactive calendar.