1. What is RISE? RISE is an evidence-based program for personal and professional development designed for frontline employees and leadership in high-stress, high-stakes industries. RISE teaches participants how to navigate stress with skill and avoid burnout, develop healthy habits for sustained high performance and effective leadership, and improves team engagement, collaboration, and retention.
  2. What clients/sectors are being served? RISE is currently provided to hundreds of professionals in schools, hospitals, prisons, investment banks, government agencies, and more throughout Boston, NYC, DC, and Berkshire County, MA.
  3. What is the format for delivery? RISE is delivered live in multiple formats from two hours to five days and at Kripalu or at the client site. RISE is also being formatted for online delivery.
  4. How do we know RISE works? Research conducted on RISE shows 24 percent decrease in perceived stress, 13 percent increase in mindfulness, and 10 percent increase in empowerment even two months after the program.[Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2017]
  5. What are the qualifications required to be eligible as a RISE facilitator? To become a RISE facilitator, you need exceptional facilitation skills, deep mind-body experience, and professional experience in health and human services, education, law enforcement, or corporate. 
  6. What commitment is required? In addition to scheduled delivery which varies by facilitator and sector, facilitators are requested to participate in monthly team calls and periodic team trainings at Kripalu. Travel to client sites and to Kripalu is required.
  7. Will I be trained? Yes, new RISE facilitators are trained in the RISE methodology. This training includes formal training, apprenticeship, and self-study.
  8. How many facilitators do you have and how many are you hiring? The RISE team currently includes 13 facilitators and we’re hiring seven more.
  9. What is the facilitator relationship to Kripalu? RISE Facilitators are per diem staff of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.
  10. What is the compensation? Compensation is based on experience and performance.
  11. What does the selection process entail?  The selection process includes an application, interviews with one or more representatives of the RISE Team and Kripalu leadership, and an audition.
    • View the job posting and link to application
    • Applications will be accepted accepted through February 5; notification of interviews will occur by February 19.
    • Auditions will be held the week of March 5.
    • New hire training is scheduled for March 21–23.
  12. How can I learn more? For more information about RISE and the selection process for facilitators, email hr@kripalu.org or provide your contact information below to access an audio information and Q&A session with Edi Pasalis, Director of RISE Programming:
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