Kripalu Bodywork


Kripalu Meditative Massage

Kripalu Meditative Massage promotes deep healing and rejuvenation through a fusion of revitalizing touch and soothing energy work. Along with renewing your physical body, Kripalu Meditative Massage cultivates deep relaxation and brings the mind to a place of inner stillness, helping you connect to the intuitive wisdom of your own being.
50 minutes: $90; 80 minutes: $140

Deep Pressure
50 minutes: $105; 80 minutes: $155

Specific Therapeutic Work
50 minutes: $105; 80 minutes: $155

Pregnancy Massage
50 minutes: $90; 80 minutes: $140

Add Shankara Essential Oil blends to this service for and additional $8

Kripalu Master-Level Massage

Create a customized massage session utilizing the therapeutic and intuitive skills of a highly experienced therapist. This treatment is ideal for the experienced massage guest looking for something a little different. Our eclectic, multitalented therapists bring an array of skills to this treatment, so you can benefit from what they do best.
105 minutes: $200

Add Shankara Essential Oil blends to this service for and additional $8

Kripalu Footwork

Unwind with a head massage, a warm foot compress, and focused work on your feet. This reflexology-inspired treatment leaves your entire body feeling balanced.
50 minutes: $100

Positional Therapy

A gentle, effective therapy for the treatment of chronic and acute muscular pain and for increasing range of motion, this treatment includes careful observation and evaluation of posture followed by placing the affected muscles in a position of comfort for 90 seconds. When the pain vanishes from the tender point, the stressed tissues are felt to be at their most relaxed. Positional Therapy achieves its benefits by means of an automatic resetting of muscle spindles. Relief can be immediate and long lasting. These techniques are effective in the treatment of pain due to injury, stress, repetitive strain, postural distortion, and chronic neuromuscular conditions. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
50 minutes: $95; 80 minutes: $155
With our Positional Therapy Specialist, 50 minutes: $110; 80 minutes: $165

Aromatherapy Massage

This gentle full-body massage uses high-quality essential oils selected specially for you to soothe the nervous system while stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This treatment is wonderful for people looking to nourish the skin, eliminate toxins, and strengthen the immune system while balancing the mind, body, and spirit. The benefits of this nurturing, aromatic massage last long after the treatment is over.
50 minutes: $100; 80 minutes: $155

Stone Therapy Massage

Warm volcanic stones are massaged over the entire body to promote physical and spiritual balancing and relax the body at its deepest level. This ancient healing treatment moves energy to depleted areas, relieves sore muscles, and produces a soothing and meditative state of peace, calm, and balance.
90 minutes: $185

Kripalu Integrative Acupressure

Your therapist artfully weaves together acupressure and stretching techniques from shiatsu and Thai massage to create an individualized session to fit your needs. A unique and effective way to treat acute or chronic pain and to relax and feel rejuvenated. These sessions are performed through loose, comfortable clothing on a massage table.
50 minutes $95; 80 minutes $155

Thai Massage

Harmonize your body with this graceful, nurturing bodywork. Your talented therapist will guide your body through a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches, while applying rhythmic pressure along the energy pathways and points. Each session, done on a traditional floor mat, is designed to meet your individual needs and abilities. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
50 minutes: $95; 80 minutes: $155