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Early Morning

Reach Out and Go Within

A delicious forward fold both soothes and enlivens first thing in the morning. Sunlight trickles into the room, bathing you in warmth. You feel focused. Calm. Grounded.

Delicious Contemplation

You eat mindfully, savoring each bite: Ripe peaches. Whole grain bread from the Kripalu Kitchen. A cup of organic tea. You are nourished and satisfied.

Wander to Wonder

You decide to take a walk and come across a bench. You sit and look around, in awe of the beauty surrounding you. You take  some full, deep breaths. You're fully present in the moment.

Free Flow

You decide to try Kripalu YogaDance®. At first you feel awkward—even a little silly—but you soon find yourself in playful, sponteaneous movement with your neighbors. When it's over, you find yourself smiling at everyone.

Body (Un)work

A laid-back afternoon is topped off with a Kripalu Meditative Massage. With the combination of healing touch and energy work, you feel yourself unwinding, loosening. Every cell in your body vibrates with a new awareness.

Good Day, Good Night

All action requires equal parts rest. Relaxed, happy, and tired in a good way, you head to bed. Sweet dreams.

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