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StoryFlow Conversations with Lisa Weinert

Kripalu presenter Lisa Weinert speaks with visionary doctors, writers, yogis, and spiritual leaders about the role of storytelling in healing and caregiving.

Lisa Weinert

Lisa Weinert, RYT-200, is passionate about powerful voices and the potential for storytelling to heal and transform lives. She offers book coaching programs and online courses and teaches at...

StoryFlow: Tal Ben-Shahar on Storytelling and Positive Psychology

Kripalu presenter Tal Ben-Shahar talks with StoryFlow author Lisa Weinert about how the stories we tell impact our happiness and our relationships.

StoryFlow: Nancy Slonim Aronie on Writing in Motion and Chasing the Truth

Nancy Slonim Aronie's teachings inspire writers to speak their truth and be more present in their lives. She is a force of nature, says Kripalu presenter Lisa Weinert, who interviewed Nancy...

StoryFlow: Writing, Meditation, and the Stories We Tell Ourselves, with Ethan Nichtern

Best-selling author and Buddhist teacher Ethan Nichtern talks about meditation, writing, spiritual healing, and his new book.

StoryFlow: The Intersection of Literature and Medicine, with Rita Charon

Rita Charon, who coined the term "narrative medicine," reflects on her early love of books, why storytelling matters in healthcare, and why she pursued a PhD in English after medical school.

StoryFlow: Julia Cameron on ‘The Artist’s Way’ and the Artist’s Life

Julia Cameron speaks with Lisa Weinert about living a creative life, how coming from a big family inspired her vision, and why she decided to write 'The Artist's Way.'

StoryFlow: Sharon Salzberg on How Loving-Kindness Changed Her Story

Trailblazing meditation teacher and prolific writer Sharon Salzberg talks about how meditation and storytelling taught her how to shift the narrative she grew up in and find inner balance.

StoryFlow: Lewis Mehl-Madrona on Heroism, Healthcare, and His Favorite Heroes and Villains

In this edition of StoryFlow, Kripalu presenter Lisa Weinert talks with Lewis Mehl-Madrona, a visionary in the field of narrative medicine and an unsung hero of the integrative health movement in...

StoryFlow: How Vulnerability Supports Healing, with Giulia Pline

Giulia began her career as a dance major, but a devastating injury led her to pursue studies in anatomy and physiology—and eventually to teaching yoga full time.

StoryFlow: Judith Hannan on Becoming a Writer and Her Writing Toolkit

Judith Hannan is beloved in the field of narrative medicine because she consistently creates safe spaces where everyone can feel empowered to share their stories and work on craft.

StoryFlow: Nadia Colburn Shares Her Turning Points and Three Writing Prompts

This installment of the StoryFlow series features a Q&A with Nadia Colburn, who brings both Western and Eastern philosophy into her personal practice and her teaching of yoga and writing.