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Early Morning

Practice, Practice, Practice

The day starts with a clean slate. You set your intention. You inhale deeply and exhale fully. You are reminded why this practice is so powerful, and why you’ve been called to teach it.

Fresh Fuel

You need to fill up without feeling bogged down—you have a full morning of study ahead, after all. You choose wisely and you eat moderately. You feel nourished, yet light. You’re ready to rock!

Learn to Grow

Asana, pranayama, meditation. Self-Observation Without Judgment. You write it all down. You soak it all in. You discover new perspectives and are awakened to the inspiration of yoga’s boundless wisdom.

Lunchtime Special

Lunchtime is spacious, so you can enjoy, digest, and spend time with your community before heading back to the classroom.

Find Your Voice

Posture clinics, practice-teaching, partner work…you’re getting a real hands-on education. Best of all, you know that when leading Camel pose for the first time, everyone in the room has got your back. 

Self (Motivated) Study

One night you’re part of a small, lively study group going over the day’s lessons. The next evening, you’re cozying up with a cup of tea while settling in with your training manual.

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