Ancient Wisdom, Contemporary Practice

Swami Kripalu was an ardent yogi with an inquisitive mind who explored every facet of the yoga tradition. He advocated a universal set of teachings that encouraged everyone to cultivate personal health, well-being, and the virtuous character necessary to genuinely love others, act skillfully, persist in the face of difficulty, and find success in life.

This specially-themed R&R weekend offers a variety of workshops highlighting the teachings from Swami Kripalu that you can bring home and put into practice in everyday life, including

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Love and relationships
  • Daily yoga practice
  • Compassion and service
  • Cultivating inner strength.

While yogic philosophy may be thousands of years old, it has much to teach us about living healthy, connected, and meaningful lives today.

Note As an Kripalu R&R guest, you’re free to participate in all of these themed sessions while still being able to experience any of our regular R&R workshops and activities throughout the weekend.

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