Week 2: Compassion in Action

Guided by compassion—toward ourselves and others—we can make a powerful positive impact on the world around us. At Kripalu, we believe that compassion in action arises from self-care and connection.

What does compassion in action look like for you? In the video and articles on this page, you'll find concrete tools to help you discover—or grow—your unique way to be of service to the world. Our faculty also offer approaches for sourcing the energy you need to stay centered, so you can make a difference in others' lives while staying balanced in your own. Share your own compassion practices using #30DaysofCompassion.

Compassion in Action, from the Inside Out

Kripalu's Aruni Nan Futuronsky describes how compassion in action arises from self-care and connection.

Volunteering for a Longer Life

According to a study on health and longevity, we need to spend time not only focusing on taking better care of ourselves, but on taking care of others.

The Yoga of Politics

While we can’t necessarily change others’ perspective, we can work for the causes we support—and then, whatever happens, accept the outcome.

Compassion: The Bridge to Human Connection

Watch a discussion and Q&A on the topic of compassion with Rev. Irene Monroe, a lesbian activist and ordained minister, and Kripalu CEO Dr. Barbara Vacarr.

Inspired Action

Kripalu Yoga teacher Coby Kozlowski prompts us to ask ourselves, How can we be of service to the world?

Yoga Mat as Launching Pad: How Your Practice Can Prepare You for Social Action

Instead of using yoga to block out the world, what if we come to the mat with the aspiration of bringing more of our best, most flexible selves with us...