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What’s New at Kripalu

As your Valentine, we at Kripalu want to help you cultivate balance not just in your relationships, but in all aspects of life! We offer an unparalleled selection of exceptional programs that provide vibrant tools for your inspired growth.

R&R Fourth Night Free

More me-time for you, on us.

Stay 3 nights, get the 4th night free! March 1–June 30, 2020.

February 23–February 26

Using RISE for Resilience at Work

Sam Chase, Dana Campbell, and more

Experience the evidence-based approach to mindful stress-resilience.

March 13–March 15

Tapping into the Power of Clarity

Carol Look

Zero in on the power of clarity to revitalize and recharge every aspect of your life.

March 15–March 20

Become Your Superhuman Self

Lee Holden

Awaken the power of breath, energy, and inner fire through meditation, qigong, and mindfulness.

March 20–March 22

Now What? Finding Career Clarity and Life Direction from the Inside Out

Laura Berman Fortgang

Discover what you’re meant to do with your life and plan a clear direction for the future.

March 20–March 22

The Art of Authenticity

Maria Sirois

Step back and process who you have been, who you are now, and who you most long to be.

March 22–March 27

Bringing Emotional Courage to All Your Relationships

Peter Bregman, Jessica Gelson

Embrace vulnerability and conflict to bring about greater connection and intimacy into your life.

March 22–March 27

Kripalu Coaching Tools for Mindful Living

Izzy Lenihan, Katie Hagel

Learn to fuel authentic, sustainable change through proven, mindful techniques.

March 29–April 3

Nutrition and Cooking Immersion

Jeremy Rock Smith, Annie B. Kay

Learn the latest nutritional research with tips to help you plan and prepare healthy meals.

April 3–April 5

Radiance Sutras Flow

Coby Kozlowski, Lorin Roche

Celebrates the joy of being alive, the beauty all around you, and your body’s inherent wisdom.

April 5–April 10

Kripalu Men’s Retreat

Mark Gerow, Steven Leonard, and more

Come connect with nature, build community, and explore the power of ritual.

April 5–April 10

Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Cristie Newhart, Christopher Holmes

Renew, recharge, and refresh the body and soul in this special yoga and meditation program.