The History of Yoga
Deepen the intention guiding your practice as you learn the philosophy and history of yoga. Explore the evolution of yoga from its deepest roots in meditation to our modern postural practice in the West.

The Eight Limbs
In this workshop, we break yoga down to its eight main components as espoused by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras and discover how postures are only a small part of this practice.

Ten Ways to Heal Your Life
Explore the yamas and niyamas, the ethical practices which form the fertile foundation of yoga, and discover how to incorporate 10 new ways to promote vitality and wellness into your life.

The Philosophy and Wisdom of Yoga
Explore the founding principles of yoga, which can serve as a base of inquiry for modern-day living, free will, the concept of perfection, and the power of self-awareness.

Yoga off the Mat
Yoga is the art of living with compassionate presence. Using yogic philosophy, we study and practice being in the present moment, an exercise that heightens the quality of our lives.

Practices of the Heart
Cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, joy for others, and equanimity for ourselves. Inquire into the way your thoughts, speech, and actions contribute to or detract from your potency and life force.

Exploring the Whole Self
Learn about the koshas, experience self-observation without judgment, and connect with the whole self through a deeper understanding of our many layers.

Qualities of Consciousness
Delve into the conversation and exploration of tantric yoga’s six principles of consciousness. Expand into the rich landscape of seeing the world through the lens of yoga and experience the diverse layers of the human experience.

Everyday Living
Discover the spiritual essence that rests in everyday, practical life. Explore both the essence and the form of spiritual practice using mindful meditation techniques, discussion, inspirational reading, and journaling.