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Educators create our shared future. The impact of their work has far-reaching ramifications for individuals, society, and the planet. And they are facing extreme stress—which directly influences students' potential for learning and thriving. Kripalu’s evidence-based resilience program, RISE™, is anchored in the science of mindfulness, yoga, and positive psychology.

Here's what we know

  • 46% of educators report stress levels that affect their health, quality of life, and performance
  • Turnover costs American schools as much as $2.2 billion anually
  • 58% of educators report that their mental health is "not good" for at least seven days out of each month
  • Teaching is among the 10 careers with the highest rates of depression.*

Many of the stressors experienced by educators are outside their control. But what they can control is how they respond.That's where RISE comes in.

* Sources: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Federation of Teachers, Health Magazine, Alliance for Excellent Education

RISE is Evidence-Based

"This program has saved me from leaving the teaching profession. We were lost, overwhelmed, unappreciated, hopeless, and had feelings of guilt. It allowed us to band together and become stronger, giving us a sense of hope."—Middle school teacher, Herberg Middle School

RISE is an evidence-based professional development program anchored in the science and practice of mindfulness, yoga, and Positive Psychology. Developed by Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in partnership with school leaders and classroom teachers, the RISE program beings together more than a decade of research in mindfulness, resilience, brain science, and social and emotional intelligence.

RISE is specifically designed to support

  • Greater clarity and resilience
  • Improved social emotional learning
  • Healthier learning climates
  • Enhanced work/life integration
  • Decreased burnout rate.

RISE programming was first delivered to schools more than 10 years ago, and has been rigorously evaluated by our research partners. Individuals who experience the RISE training report profound results—increases in resilience, mindfulness, renewed engagement, and positivity. Our research outcomes have been widely published in peer-reviews journals, such as Contemporary School Psychology and the Journal of Workplace Behavioral Wellness. For more research on the benefits of RISE view our RISE Resources & Research page.

Our Research Shows That RISE Participants Experience
• 32% reduction in perceived stress
• 13% increase in mindfulness
• Reduced rates of performance anxiety
• Improved stress resilience in the moment and over time
• 10% increase in empowerment
RISE Mindfulness Tools Have Been Demonstrated to
• Enhanced classroom organization and atmosphere
• Reduced costs associated with stress, burnout, and turnover
• Healthier, happier, and more engaged educators
• Superior long-term performance for teachers, schools, and districts.

RISE Put to Use

Supporting Local Community & Creating Healthy Success Zones

Berkshire County School District: Supporting Local Community

Nearly 2,000 adolescents in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, have been impacted by the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools program since 2008. RISE continues to support and engage with these schools, including Pittsfield High School and the Positive Options Program in both Monument Mountain Regional High School and Mount Everett Regional High School.

Marianne Young, former principal of Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, says fighting and vandalism at the school have decreased substantially as Kripalu tools have become integrated into the culture. In addition, staff from Berkshire County schools have attended Kripalu immersion programs.

Lexington School District: Creating Healthy Success Zones

Jennifer E. Turner, assistant principal of the Jonas Clarke Middle School in Lexington, Massachusetts, says that data collected at the district level shows that both students and staff often feel stressed and find it difficult to cope with everyday challenges.

The Lexington School District worked with RISE to create a three-day training that as tailored for teachers, delivered at the school. Staff from across the district attended. The district’s work with RISE aims to enhance positivity and well-being for staff, contributing to a compassionate and mindful school culture for students.

RISE Facilitators

Our expert facilitators being years of experience in delivering mindfulness programming, and are trained specifically to offer RISE educators.

Faculty Sam Chase

Lead Kripalu Faculty

Faculty Monique Schubert

Lead Kripalu Faculty

Faculty Michelle Dalbec

Lead Kripalu Faculty

Experience RISE

From private Kripalu faculty-led workshops to on campus open enrollment programs, each RISE offering is an evidence-based approach to stress resiliency.


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