Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living

Leading the way in yoga-based social impact.

Founded in 2007 by Stephen Cope, the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living is the research arm of Kripalu Center. The purpose of the Kripalu Institute (KIEL) is to conduct and support original research into the impact of yoga- and mindfulness-based practices on individual and organizational performance, and to serve as an authority on the body of. Results of the research then inform programs created and piloted by KIEL researchers and facilitators to cultivate the skills and behaviors for optimal human and organizational performance. The research also informs the curricula of the Kripalu Schools of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Integrative Yoga Therapy.

In the past ten years, KIEL has delivered life-changing programs to frontline providers in some of the most critical social institutions in North America: human services organizations, K-12 schools, correctional facilities, law enforcement, and healthcare.

With the support of individual donors and philanthropic partners, the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living serves as a field leader in the science of yoga and self-regulation, and also fulfills a core focus of Kripalu’s mission: to help people and communities realize their full potential through the wisdom and practice of yoga.  

Please help us do this good work!

You can get involved by making a donation in support of our projects to bring the gift of yoga to school children and scholarships for front line professionals in highly stressful organizations that might not otherwise have access to yoga and the skills of self-regulation. The Kripalu Approach curriculum has been developed and honed over several years and this work continues as we learn how to adapt the curriculum to a variety of organizations, formats, and settings. Our research endeavors are made possible in part through the generosity of donors.

Thank you for joining us in this historic and big endeavor.

Edi Pasalis, Director