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Kripalu has the tools needed for healing and growth: Distinct lineage, restful container, devoted faculty and staff, spiritual energy. We need your help to preserve and share these blessings, both on campus in Stockbridge and “off-the-hill.” Your gift holds the power to serve those who haven’t been served. Your gift holds the power to build understanding and empathy. You hold the power to light a path of love to our shared future. We can see the path, but we can’t travel it without you.

Please donate to support Kripalu’s mission. A society yearning for healing needs your help. 

Our Purpose

To ignite personal and societal transformation.

Our Vision

A world united in service towards well-being, justice, and peace.

Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization, Kripalu is dedicated to serving people and communities in realizing their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.

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Your donation to Kripalu will:

  • Steward Kripalu’s lineage, ensure the continued excellence of our core teachings, and develop deeper pathways for lifelong learning.
  • Lower the barriers to access—financial, cultural, and physical—that prevent too many from finding their place of belonging at Kripalu.
  • Care for the retreat center in a way that ensures a safe and comfortable experience for every student and guest.
  • Support Kripalu’s most sacred duty—the loving hospitality and teaching of an intentional community.

Read the fall 2021 Kripalu Impact Donor Newsletter.

Ways to Give



At this critical moment of Kripalu’s recovery and transformation in the wake of our Covid-19 closure, your gift for general operating support gives our leadership the most flexibility to respond to challenges and seize opportunities. 

We are piloting a number of 2021–2022 initiatives in pursuit of the Impact goals described above. To learn more about particular areas of interest, please write or call Tad Ames, Director of Gifts & Gratitude, at tad@kripalu.org or 413.448.3215



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