Unplugged at Kripalu

A chance to reconnect and recharge.

All Public Spaces on the Kripalu Campus Are Tech-Free

Kripalu is a mindful-tech campus, and we invite you to be aware of your relationship with personal technology while on retreat to support your experience, and to reduce disruption for other guests.  

Guest-enhancing use of technology such as QR codes for guest information and schedules are available throughout the campus. 

Need to stay connected? Here are the spots where you can use your digital devices freely:

Your private guest room | Technology Lounge | Phone Booths


What is considered an electronic device?
The Kripalu Unplugged policy applies to all electronic devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, smartwatches, and e-readers. 

Why are Kindles and e-readers not allowed?
Although e-readers can be used just like a book and may have no worse health effects, the similarity between an e-reader and a tablet makes the exception confusing and difficult in the creation of an unplugged presence.  We encourage you to bring a book or enjoy one from our library. ​

Are there any areas I can check my phone or computer? 
There are a handful of places on our campus for you to intentionally check your devices. These include:

  • Designated 'Tech Zones' (including the Technology Room on the first floor and at least two phone booths on most floors).
  • The check-in desk at registration and arrival time.
  • Your private room.

What is not a 'Tech Zone'?
Any public space including outdoors, the dining room, Shop, Cafe, Healing Arts reception, hallways, program rooms, treatment rooms, and lounges.

What about the cafe?
As this is a public space, it is not a tech zone.

Can I use my phone outside on the grounds?
Unplugged presence is the norm outside on Kripalu grounds including the terrace. 

Does this policy apply to staff?
Yes, Kripalu's unplugged guidelines apply to both guests, students, and staff. A number of rooms for meetings and co-working space for staff use of technology.

Please note Guests who use technology for disease management etc. will be able to continue to use their technology. Please call our Registrations Team with any questions.

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