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Scholarships for the Schools

Kripalu Schools are committed to supporting individuals interested in enhancing their life and realizing their full potential through yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and mindful outdoor leadership regardless of background or financial status. Scholarships are made possible by the generous support of Kripalu’s patrons and donors. Financial assistance is offered when funding is available.

Currently, limited scholarships are available for certain entry- and advanced-level trainings in each Kripalu School. Check the web page of the training you’re interested in to see if scholarships are available and for more information.

Kripalu is committed to supporting communities who have been historically marginalized in wellness spaces. This includes people of the Global Majority, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people who are differently abled, have financial need, or are in a position of service to others.

How To Apply

If you’re interested in a Schools Scholarship, the first step is to apply to the training. Go to the web page of the training you are interested in and click ‘Apply Now.’ In your eligibility acceptance email, you will receive a link to the Scholarship Application Form if scholarships are available for that training.

For any trainings or continuing education programs that are open enrollment, there will be a Link on the web page that will bring you straight to the Scholarship Application Form.

Once your scholarship application is accepted, you will receive an email with a link to register for your program at a discounted rate (see below for details on Schools Scholarship discounts). Please note that this acceptance is not a guarantee of registration with the scholarship. The email indicates you are eligible for a scholarship and you must still complete the online registration to secure your spot. The link remains live until all scholarship spots have been filled. Full program cost is due at the time of registration. If you are unable to pay at the time of registration, please reach out to our Registrations Team at for options.

Please note:

  • Scholarship applications will not be processed without prior program acceptance.
  • Scholarships are awarded first come, first serve on a rolling basis. Thus, those who apply early have the best chance of securing available financial support.
  • Not all trainings have scholarship spots available and availability is subject to change year to year.

Schools Scholarship Discounted Rates:

Partial scholarships are awarded for select Schools trainings. On campus Schools scholarships cover 70% of the total cost of the training–total cost includes tuition and dorm housing. Hybrid Schools Scholarships cover 60% of the total cost of the training– total cost includes tuition and dorm housing. Online Schools Scholarships cover 50% of the total training tuition. If you choose housing other than a dormitory, you will be responsible for the full cost of housing.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact us at

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