Christine Alfred

Kripalu Staff

Christine Alfred is a Haitian multidisciplinary artist, meditation teacher, and therapeutic sound and energy practitioner. Christine researches and encourages the creation of regenerative systems that support environmental and social justice, and attributes her connection to the Earth to the teachings she received from her grandmotherand her teachers Kathi Von Koerber and Hernando Villa. She has been studying Ancestral Earth wisdom for over a decade, received her meditation teacher certification in the Gelug tradition of Tibet at Three Jewels in New York City, completed both her Reiki Master and Green Medicine certifications at the New York Open Center School for Holistic and Professional Learning, her 13th Octave LaHoChi accreditation at Soul Healing Journey in Connecticut, and the Lady Niguma Foundational course with Yoga Studies Institute. Christine is currently in process of rigorous study on the 18 Foundational Buddhist Courses as offered through the Asian Classic Institute, which parallels the basic core of information that a Geshe, doctor of theology, learns at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.  Additionally, Christine serves as founder of Awarehouse, a Syncretic Transformation Studio, and is the community manager at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. Christine combines the wisdom of the elements and the Earth with Tibetan Buddhist technologies to help others achieve their ultimate potential.  

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