Trishan H.

As a yoga therapist, I get to be part of someone’s healing journey.

All I’ve ever really wanted to do with yoga is to facilitate people coming home to themselves, no matter how far from “home” they find themselves, due to physical or mental illness, trauma, etc. I want to offer yoga therapy as a map or GPS to find your way back home, again and again.

In the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy, I’m developing the superpowers I need to bring yoga therapy back to Jamaica and work in the areas that really speak to me—like mental health, because one in every one person has some kind of anxiety or depression these days, and it affects us on all levels. I’m especially excited to bring yoga therapy to cancer patients, from diagnosis to post-treatment. It’s a population that’s close to my heart because I have four breast cancer survivors in my immediate family, and I see where the journey could be made significantly better with yoga therapy.

I’ve also worked in youth development for many years, and I have a vision of yoga therapists becoming a staple in the field. Whether in schools, working hand in hand with guidance counselors or with youth clubs in volatile communities, I see yoga therapy as a possible game changer for Jamaican youth.

What I love most about yoga therapy is that I get to be a part of someone’s healing journey. It’s a front-row seat to the human experience—the resilience, the vulnerability, the capacity for immense compassion or to hold raw pain, the light and shadow … This work is divine.

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