The breath will always lead us forward. Enjoy these beloved Kripalu resources hand-selected to bring you peace, fortitude, and resilience. 


The Complete Breath
Kripalu faculty member and RISE facilitator Janna Delgado guides us through the Complete Breath. A practice that is helpful when feeling anxious or stressed and will help you continue with your day feeling centered and present. All you need is a chair! 


The Compassionate Practice of Loving-kindness Meditation
Maria Sirois, a positive psychologist and master teacher at Kripalu, leads a guided loving-kindness meditation—which has been shown to build immunity, reduce stress, and boost positive emotions.


Breath and Belly Meditation
Kripalu faculty and yoga teacher Michelle Dalbec shares a meditation to calm and de-stress.



The Gift of Breath

Pranayama, or the regulation of breath, is an essential part of yoga practice.
by Angela Wilson

A LifeForce Yoga Breathing Practice to Ease Anxiety and Depression

Stop a ruminative chain of thoughts or a negative mood state in its tracks with one of many simple yogic breathing exercises, or pranayama. 
by Amy Weintraub

Pranayama for Self-Soothing: 3 Yogic Breathing Practices to Cultivate Peace

Explore three of her breath-awareness practices to promote ease, steadiness, clarity, and presence. 
by Larissa Hall Carlson

The Anatomy of Natural Breath

When it comes to respiration, the body can forget what natural is. A closer investigation of how breathing works can help us remember.
by Christopher Holmes

Sun Breaths to Revitalize

Revitalize and illuminate from within with simple Sun Breaths. 
by Janna Delgado