Here's What Virtual Healing Arts Offer You

We're now offering virtual Healing Arts services! Learn more about our online readings and consultations in these informative articles and first-person stories.

Virtual Healing Arts Services

Tarot and psychic readings, meditation, life coaching, and Ayurvedic consultations, all from the...

6 Ways to Clear Energy and Raise the Vibration in Your Home

Since we’re spending more time at home than ever before, what can we do to clear our spaces of stuck energy?

Apr 25, 2020

How Life Coaching Can Support You in Finding Joy, Even Right Now: A Conversation with Izzy Lenihan

Many of us are seeking support in finding answers to big questions: How do I find peace amid the uncertainty? How do I let go of fear? What can I contribute?

How the Metaphysical Arts Can Help Us Tap Into Our Deepest Intuition

Metaphysical readings use a solution-oriented approach to help people give themselves permission to make a choice or a change.

What to Expect from an Ayurvedic Consultation

The eightfold exam is a thorough process that reveals places of balance and imbalance in a client's constitution.

The Power of the Tarot

Tarot reading is an art form, one that blends history, art, psychology, and mindfulness, and can be used as a tool for insight and transformation.

Kripalu Life Coaching: The Right Use of Will

The Kripalu approach to life coaching is based on the idea that sustainable change happens through the alchemy of mindfulness and the right use of will.