Kids and Teens at Kripalu

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Think a yoga retreat means you have to leave your family behind? Your experience can be as fulfilling when you’re surrounded by family as it is when you’re on your own. At Kripalu, enjoy reconnecting and just relaxing with enriching activities for everyone. You de-stress while they learn new skills in children's programs focused on art or the beautiful outdoors. 

Children’s programs meet for morning and afternoon sessions. Families are together at meal times, in the evenings, and overnight. Children must be supervised at all times and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also on-site at Kripalu.

Dining Information

  • Breakfast is a silent meal. (Silent dining helps support conscious eating.) There is a small dining room across the hall from the main dining room designated for quiet sharing during breakfast.
  • Kripalu serves meals with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. If your child is on a special diet, please bring or purchase the food items your child needs or prefers. The Kripalu Shop sells a wide selection of healthy snacks.
  • Highchairs and booster seats are available in the Main Dining Hall.

Kid’s Favorites at Kripalu

We recognize that just like adults, our younger guests have varying food preferences and degrees of experience with the type of cuisine we serve. While we hope that your children will enjoy trying new foods and experience our main line as delicious, we also want you to be aware of the more traditional options we provide for kids.

Every lunch and dinner includes a sandwich bar with meat option as well as sliced cheese. There is a Panini grill available, so a grilled cheese sandwich is always just a few minutes wait away. We do ask that you do not allow younger children to operate the Panini as it is extremely hot. Also on the side bars at every meal is peanut butter and jelly with both bread and rice cakes. For kids who like very simple foods, we offer plain white basmati rice, steamed vegetables, and plain beans at every lunch and dinner on our Buddha Bar.

Children’s Housing Rates

Children and teens must be housed with their parent/guardian and in non-dormitory accommodations.

  •  The housing rate for children ages 0–4 is $35.00 per child per night (midweek) and $40.00 per child per night (weekends)
  • The housing rate for children ages 5-17 is $40.00 per child per night (midweek) and $55.00 per child per night (weekends)

This rate is in addition to the adult’s room rate, room occupancy limits apply based on room type. In addition to housing, children pay the tuition for their programming. Program rates vary depending on the course.

For more information, please call our Registrations team at 413.448.3500 or email us at

Teens at Kripalu

In general, Kripalu programs are only open to participants 18 years of age and older. Teens aged 16–17 may attend Kripalu R&R accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and must participate in classes together in the same workshop. Program and facility use restrictions may apply. Teens pay adult tuition must be housed in the same guest room as their parent/guardian in non-dormitory accommodations. Learn more about teens at Kripalu.

For more information, please call our Registrations team at 413.448.3500 or email us at

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