Program Proposals

Thank you for your interest in leading a program at Kripalu. Please fill out our Proposal Form below and submit any books, articles, and other materials that will help us understand your work experience and program offerings.

We are especially interested in presenters with a strong experiential teaching history, a solid educational background in the field being taught, and successful books or other products. Additionally, we are looking for presenters who are able to demonstrate their ability to market themselves successfully through a variety of methods (such as websites, mailing lists, and studios) and have followers in the northeastern United States. During our review process, we pay particular attention to the strength of the program’s foundation, the presenter’s relevant background information, and the presenter’s capacity to promote their work successfully.

We receive a large quantity of proposals, far more than we have space for in our calendar of programs, and cannot respond to inquiries regarding the status of your proposal submission. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your proposal. We will contact you if we are interested in discussing your program further.