In conjunction with leading scientists and two major health-care organizations in Massachusetts, the KIEL is rigorously evaluating yoga’s benefits for health-care workers and those they serve.

Yoga and Caregiver Well-Being

Dr. Crystal Park is studying the impact of the Frontline Providers program on the well-being and quality of care of 60 mental health workers across four Clinical & Support Options, Inc. (CSO) locations. CSO is a comprehensive behavioral health organization in Central/Western Massachusetts that serves those suffering from psychiatric illness, gang violence, domestic abuse, addiction, and other crisis situations. Measures include stress, diet, lifestyle, and patient care.

Yoga vs. Cognitive Stress Reduction at Berkshire Medical Center

Dr. Alex Sabo and Dr. Crystal Park are studying the impact of the Frontline Providers program as compared to a cognitive-based stress reduction program in a randomized control design with 100 health-care workers at Berkshire Medical Center, a 302-bed community hospital ranked among the Top 100 hospitals in the country. Measures include blood pressure, weight, stress, mood, lifestyle, and patient care.