Kim Childs

Kim Childs is a Boston-based life and career coach who specializes in Positive Psychology, creativity, and midlife transitions. She is also a writer and a Kripalu Yoga teacher. Kim’s writing is featured in several Chicken Soup for the Soul books and on her blog, A Pilgrim on the Path. A former public radio reporter, Kim changed direction in 1999 when she came to live and train at Kripalu, and she’s very glad that she did.

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  • Morning Rituals Make Better Days

    Breakfast may be the most important meal, but starting the day with a connection to what’s personally meaningful may be even more nourishing.

  • How to Heal from the Loss of a Pet

    We conveniently forget that we will most likely outlive our pets as we develop deep bonds with these affectionate, innocent creatures.

  • I Love Me, I Love Me Not …

    When I gave myself a 30-day challenge to look in the mirror each morning and say, "I love you," it seemed like a simple practice.

  • Befriending Your Resistance

    While I still encounter my own resistance, I’ve gotten better at recognizing and working with it.

  • Presence Over Presents

    In recent years, I’ve become a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to holiday gifts. It’s not that I don’t want to give to the people I love, I just dislike the...

  • What If We're All Doing the Best We Can?

    In the past year, I’ve heard from two friends who were disappointed in me because I didn’t meet their expectations or show up in the ways that they wanted me...

  • Why Asking for Help Is Self-Care

    At the start of a new year, many of us identify and commit to changes we’d like to make in our lives. These good intentions can fail, however, if we don’t enlist the help and support that’s often crucial to real and lasting change.

  • Time Affluence: Why Doing Less Makes Us Happier

    Having an abundance of time for the things I need and desire to do is one of my favorite ways to feel rich.

  • The Good News About Bad News

    Heard the one about the Chinese farmer? According to the Taoist teaching story, he had a horse that ran away, prompting his neighbors to express sympathy for his "bad news.”

  • Living on Purpose

    According to a recent study, people whose happiness stemmed from having a sense of purpose and meaning in life have healthier gene expression patterns.

  • Are You Afraid to Shine?

    Why would we be afraid of having, being and doing what we most wish to have, be, and do? Because it could shake things up in our lives.

  • Loving My Imperfect Self

    Self-compassion doesn’t make pain or hardship go away. Instead, it acknowledges that life involves failure and suffering, and gives us “permission to be human."

  • Moving Into Happiness

    It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I’m a yoga teacher who dislikes exercise. To be more precise, it’s the thought of exercise that turns me off, because I...

  • Garden Therapy

    When my husband and I moved into this apartment, our backyard was a strip of dirt that lay between our stairs and the garage. Construction debris was...

  • Feel Your Way into a Happier New Year

    Since most of the plans we make for change are ultimately designed to help us feel better, why not identify that feeling state first, and line up actions and choices that will support it?

  • My Father, My Car

    Buying a used car set the wheels in motion for a journey that would split me and my dad apart, bring us together, and teach us to share the road.

  • Building Courage Muscles

    I like to think about this theory in terms of courage and risk-taking.

  • Mending Broken Dreams

    At some point in the process of recovering from my divorce, I realized that I was having trouble dreaming new dreams.

  • When Happy Is Hard

    Even when life is hard, we can seek to learn, grow, and be fully present to whatever is happening.

  • Could You Just Listen?

    Each spring and fall, I lead support groups designed to help people recover and express their passions and creativity.

  • The Letter I Never Sent

    In the field of Positive Psychology, there’s a famous happiness-boosting exercise called the gratitude letter.

  • Trees: A Love Story

    “I go among trees and sit still,” the poet Wendell Berry wrote.

  • Human, Being

    What does it mean to be a human being, as opposed to a human doing?

  • Less Is My New More

    Last winter, I bought my dream car, a gently used Toyota Prius, because my friend was selling it for a tempting price and our ‘98 Corolla was aging.

  • Going Back in Time to Move Forward

    When we’re preparing to move forward, we may first need to revisit our history. Yoganand Michael Carroll, teacher trainer for the Kripalu School of Yoga, recommends using yogic tools to change the energy of painful stories.

  • Trusting Grief

    We can integrate loss by quieting our minds and lives to make space for grief.

  • Kindness Is a Strength

    Choosing to be kind isn’t easy when others seem unkind. That’s when we have to remember that we can’t really know what pain lies in the heart or mind of another person.

  • Living Gratitude

    Gratitude lists get us to flip our internal script from a running monologue of criticism and complaining to one of appreciation and wonder for what we have and what is always available.

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