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Mother-Daughter Programs at Kripalu

Make time for a unique bonding experience in programs focused on yoga, play, theater arts, writing, visual arts, and more.

Mothering and Daughtering

Sil Reynolds

Spend quality time in a community of mothers and daughters who want to thrive—not just survive.


Erin Maile O'Keefe, Kevin O'Keefe

The CircusYoga community invites you to experience a blend of interactive yoga, circus arts, and...

Mother-Daughter Yoga Weekend

Sarahjoy Marsh

Join Sarahjoy Marsh for a nourishing getaway that celebrates your relationship.

Mothers, Daughters, and the Heroic Journey

Meg Agnew, Cindy L. Parrish, and more

Come deepen your connection and gain resources to foster closeness in the years ahead.

Mothers, Daughters, and the Heroic Journey (Kids)

Meg Agnew, SuEllen Hamkins, and more

Mothers, you can be a vital part of your daughter’s coming-of-age journey.