Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose is a writer, speaker, diversity and inclusion educator, and leadership coach devoted to healing our crisis of separation and political polarization by designing radically inclusive community cultures, facilitating individual recovery from trauma and isolation, and empowering the next generation of social changemakers to lead the way. Aaron has facilitated cultural transformation across multiple industries, from wellness and spirituality to tech and finance, using a unique mix of restorative justice, neuroscience, metaphysics, and meditation. His clients have included McKinsey & Co, Columbia University, Greenpeace, rag & bone, the Phluid Project, and more. Aaron equips social changemakers and public figures to embrace their unique role in building a better world and to be conscious stewards of collective healing. As a gay, transgender man, Aaron is a champion of a world where we are celebrated for our unique incarnations while also transcending the labels that keep us divided.

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