Acharya Shunya


Acharya Shunya is a truth teller, mystic teacher, trailblazing spiritual teacher, and bestselling author who facilitates bold authenticity, divine awareness, self-remembrance, and wisdom pathways to awakening within. As the first female head of her 2000-year old Vedic lineage from India, Acharya Shunya's openhearted, inclusive, and nondual teachings reinterpret and re-contextualize ancient Hindu teachings and goddess legends for modern times, always honoring her progressive Vedic roots while breaking the shackles of tradition to bring modern-day women an inclusive, feminist spirituality.

Acharya Shunya empowers women everywhere to step into their divine immensity and lead powerful, abundant, and wise lives through her revolutionary revisioning of ancient India’s primary goddess archetypes. She is the founder of The Awakened Self Foundation and the Nonprofit Vedika Global, Inc., organizations headquartered in northern California, that empower, educate, and inspire a worldwide community of students through online courses, workshops, and retreats in alchemical Ayurveda, yoga, universal adwaita, and trainings to awaken the inner goddess.

Her latest book, Roar Like a Goddess: Every Woman's Guide to Becoming Unapologetically Powerful, Prosperous, and Peaceful, is a revolutionary revisioning of the feminine divine, and carries the potential to change the face of modern feminist spirituality. Acharya teaches regularly at her foundation in California and at Kripalu, Ram Dass's Be Here Now Foundation, Omega Institute, and more. She regularly addresses the confines of patriarchy, misogyny, and racism, and holds space for people from all backgrounds and with varied life experiences.  

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