Ann K. Lindsay

Ann K. Lindsay is an award-winning artist and author of Watercolor: A New Beginning. She has been teaching groundbreaking workshops for artists of all levels since 1989. Her workshops have been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine.

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  • Managing Your Inner Critic

    Our inner critic is supposed to help us analyze what we’re doing, not judge things in terms of good or bad. Award-winning artist Ann K. Lindsay offers ways to help transform the inner critic from harsh judge into caring guardian.

  • Being of Two Minds

    In this excerpt from her book, award-winning artist Ann K. Lindsay explains how the two halves of our brain each contribute to experiencing ourselves as whole, creative human beings.

  • Getting Lost in a Museum: The Power of Art to Spark the Senses and the Soul

    The act of viewing artwork can be a way to let distractions fall away. It’s the opposite of scrolling through an endless feed.