Conduit Center Sonic Musicians

The Conduit Center has been on a mission to Gong-the-Planet since 2008. Their work with gongs and sound is a powerfully liberating and awakening experience. The gongs have the ability to open up pathways of deep access into the self, breaking apart blocks and traumas and restoring people to their natural resonant frequency. The Conduit believes that when we as individuals reach a place of true self-realization, we begin to build a better community and planet. Conduit members Owen James and Jeff Nickell are both trained in sound-healing therapies.

Owen James is trained in sound-healing therapies and has been working with gongs since 2008. In 2010, he opened The Conduit Center, for the community to access a regular Gong-Meditation practice, as well as find other complementary wellness services. He hopes to help establish gong-meditation as a more widely-accepted wellness modality, and build a school for training and research.

Jeff Nickell is trained in sound-healing therapies. Since 2009, he has been a main contributor working with The Conduit. His background in studying psychology lends him a unique ability to build deep personal connections with his clients.