Crispina ffrench

Crispina ffrench, a global leader in textile recycling, ran a wholesale manufacturing company for 21 years using only textile waste for raw material. She has worked with large-volume textile waste generators such as Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, American Apparel, and Timberland to help turn their waste into marketable product and in doing so, turning a costly overhead into a revenue stream. Crispina makes and sells her own work, speaks, blogs, and teaches online and in-person, and is the author of The Sweater Chop Shop.

"Crispina's workshop exceeded all of my expectations. She is a wonderful teacher with a special mix of knowledge and warmth."—Susan A.

"[Crispina's program] changed my life. Since the week-long workshop, I have made more fun and practical pieces of clothing and home decor on my own. I am so grateful for her inspiration, kind guidance, and high ideals."—Katie G.