Danny Fluker


Danny Fluker is a conscious creative, wellness consultant, community healing advocate, author, speaker, and instructor specializing in meditation, yoga, and mind-body wholeness. He is also the founder of Black Boys OM, an international non-profit organization. Black Boys OM provides spaces for Black boys and Black men to engage with various mind-body health practices. The organization boasts a network of over 400 trained Black male wellness practitioners who lead these spaces. Since its inception in 2018, Black Boys OM has held over 2,100 such spaces, fostering well-being and empowerment within the Black community. In addition to his work with Black Boys OM, Danny has also shared his expertise in mind-body wholeness by conducting workshops and talks in schools, universities, private celebrity events, and corporate spaces and conferences. Danny promotes holistic wellness and creates transformative experiences for individuals and communities. He is also the author of A Healing Journal for Black Men: Prompts to Help You Reflect, Grow, and Live With Pride.

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