Debby Siegel

Debby Siegel, MSA, RYT, is a plant-fueled daydream believer who calls herself the Yoga Evangelist. Debby attempts to inspire joy and crush fear while leading yogis throughout the world in mindful practices. Her fresh ideas engage people’s imaginations as students are whisked away from routine and carried along on magical yoga journeys with Debby’s creativity woven into every class, workshop, and event she leads. On her blog, readers share in stories she and her friends write about a variety of active, healthy, conscious-living experiences. As a dedicated mom to two teens, Debby teaches kids mindfulness through puppetry, creating kinetic art with her body, and bending and balancing on a paddleboard, while arriving everywhere via one of her trusty two-wheeled steeds. With no shortage of causes to champion, Debby lives her mantra, “I possess infinite potential,” daily.