Deborah Lubetkin


Deb Lubetkin, PsyD, C-IAYT, is a licensed psychologist, the founder of Psychotherapy for Illumination and Microdosing Yoga, a Kripalu Yoga teacher, a certified yoga therapist, and a LifeForce Yoga® practitioner. In Deb’s Integrative Psychotherapy practice, she empowers her clients and students to create individualized care plans incorporating yoga-based practices to support their personal growth and transformation. The integration of yoga practices in the journey of personal healing has created remarkable shifts in the way Deb moves through a session with a client and in the way clients move through the process of therapy. Deb has worked closely with Amy Weintraub for over almost 20 years, first training in LifeForce Yoga ® and later becoming Lead Faculty at LifeForce Yoga® trainings, as well as a former mentoring director of the LifeForce Yoga® Healing Institute. 

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