Diane Malaspina


Diane Malaspina has been fascinated with the science of the mind and human behavior, growth, and development across the lifespan for over 20 years. Early in her career, she became frustrated with the limitations of traditional paradigms around mental illness and discovered the emerging field of growth-oriented psychology—the science and application of interventions that promote mental health and resilience. Around the same time, she discovered yoga and its associated practices which she immediately realized were powerful vehicles for elevating wellbeing. 

Diane delivers cutting edge wisdom with user-friendly approaches honed in her experience as an applied psychologist, former university educator, and experienced yoga teacher. Her passion is empowering others with an understanding of what makes them tick and how that translates into life conditions. She pulls from her extensive toolkit in neurobiology, psychological science, yoga, and mindfulness practices to help individuals, families, and teams transcend struggle and orient toward growth, optimal performance, and unbound possibility. Diane is a regular contributor in publications such as Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Thrive Global, and provides performance and well-being coaching for businesses and organizations. She offers trainings online and across the globe, and is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she lives by the sea with her husband Omar and sheepadoodle named Luca. 

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