Donna Marberger

Donna Marberger is the creator and fashion artist behind b by donna.m, creating her own niche in yoga wear and a lifestyle clothing line for women that encompasses both functional and fashionable items. As a yogi since 1983, Donna is committed to bringing her layering line out of the yoga studio and into the streets. Her line of natural fiber outfits are designed, manufactured, and dyed by local artisans in Los Angeles, sculpting fabrics to the body and creating colors from pigments, making it a rare exception to other yoga clothing lines made from synthetic fabrics in China. As a longtime artist, set designer, and art director, Donna is constantly exploring the world of color and conceptual design.  In 2011, she met Jennifer Butler and they have since been collaborating and creating a new “paradigm of fashion,” emphasizing authenticity and the everlasting psychology of color, instead of popular trends.

b_by donna.m Spring 2019