Eric Zimmer


Eric Zimmer is a behavior coach, certified interfaith spiritual director, podcast host, and writer who is endlessly inspired by the quest for a greater understanding of how our minds work and how to intentionally create the lives we want to live. Eric has worked as a behavior coach for the past 20 years, coaching hundreds of people from around the world on how to make significant life changes and create habits that serve them well in achieving the goals they’ve set for themselves. In addition to his work as a behavior coach, Eric currently hosts the award-winning podcast, The One You Feed, based on an old parable about two wolves at battle within us. With nearly 500 episodes and over 25 million downloads, the show features conversations with experts across many fields of study about how to create a life that has less suffering and more fulfillment and meaning. His story and his work have been featured on TedX, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, the BBC and Brain Pickings.

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