Harry Desmond

Harry Desmond, founder, owner, and head guide of Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing™, is a graduate of Sweetwater Fly Fishing Guide School and has nearly 20 years of fly-fishing experience, including eight years spent in Yellowstone National Park. He is CPR- and first aid– certified, and is proficient in many fishing techniques, including nymph fishing, dry fly-fishing, and streamer fishing. Harry enjoys spending time fishing in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska and in the Delaware River. His passion is to share his enthusiasm for the outdoors and fly-fishing by guiding tours and travels in the Berkshire region.

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  • The Yoga of Fly-Fishing

    "When you’re out on the river watching the universe in its daily rhythm, you can see how everything is interconnected,” says fly fisherman and Kripalu presenter Harry Desmond. Here are six practices for getting the most out of fly-fishing—and life.