Heather Sellers

Heather Sellers, PhD, is author of The Practice of Creative Writing and two other books on the craft of writing; a children’s book; three volumes of poetry; and Georgia Under Water, a work of fiction. Her memoir, You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know, was featured in O, the Oprah Magazine as a book-of-the month club pick. An Editor’s Choice at the New York Times, the memoir was also featured on NPR, Today, Good Morning America, and the Rachael Ray Show. Heather’s essays have appeared in the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, The Sun, and O. She taught for many years at Hope College, where she was 2011 Professor of the Year. Currently she is a faculty member at the University of South Florida, where she was awarded a university teaching award in 2018.

An Invitation from Heather Sellers

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  • The Practice of Creative Writing

    When author Heather Sellers begins a new piece of writing, she always starts with an image, exploring a specific, grounded moment in time.