Heidi Spear

Heidi Spear, MA, ABD, is an author, workshop presenter, Reiki master, and Kripalu-trained yoga and meditation teacher who has been on the Kripalu R&R Retreat faculty since 2008. Heidi has taught meditation and creative workshops to individual clients and groups of more than 600 people, to VIP groups and people of all ages in the Berkshires and across the United States. She holds graduate degrees in comparative literature and performing arts from New York University and Washington University in St. Louis, and she has worked and studied at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. Her latest books are My Pocket Chakra Healing and Ayurveda Made Easy, and her popular meditation CD, Universe, is available for download.

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  • Camping in the Dark

    As winter let go of its tenacious grip on the Berkshires, writer Heid Spear took on her latest experiment of making decisions from a place of love, not fear.

  • The Yoga of Shakespeare

    Why has William Shakespeare’s work remained popular throughout centuries and across continents? It’s because his plays reflect the human condition.

  • The Food Factor in Migraine Prevention

    For Heidi E. Spear, a primary cause of migraines was gravitating towards foods that were stressful on her body, and avoiding the foods that her body needed.