Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer Johnston, LMHC, PhD, E-RYT, is a licensed psychologist, mental-health counselor, and yoga instructor. A primary area of interest for her has long been integrating psychotherapy with mind/body interventions so as to provide a compassionate and spacious environment for growth and transformation for those with whom she works. She has worked extensively with people who have experienced trauma, including active duty military and veterans as well as their families, adolescents, and adults. Currently she works in private practice with individuals (adolescents and adults) and couples, and uses skills-based, relational, and integrative interventions to help people with a variety of mental-health concerns and life issues appreciate and connect more deeply with their own experiences and that of their partners. Dr. Johnston recently worked at the Lowell Vet Center, providing clinical and mind-body interventions with veterans and their families. She also directed yoga and educational programs and conducted mind-body research at the Benson Henry Institute (BHI) from 2000–2007. Dr. Johnston has been involved in mind-body research for several years, conducting the protocols with adolescents, young adults, older adults, and people with chronic health concerns as well as healthy individuals.

Dr. Johnston received her doctoral degree in counseling and school psychology from Northeastern University, during which time she enhanced her neuropsychological assessment and counseling skills in hospitals and in the Veterans’ Administration (VA) system working with veterans, and conducted research on mind/body interventions. During her master’s degree from Lesley University, Dr. Johnston applied mental-health interventions including a holistic studies/integrative framework.