Jennifer Mattson

Jennifer Mattson is a writer, speaker, and journalist. She leads writing workshops throughout the country and reports on mindfulness, yoga, wellness, healthy living, books, arts, and culture. A former network news producer for CNN, CNN International, and National Public Radio, her writing has appeared in, Psychology Today, Salon, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Global Post, Travel + Leisure, Yoga International, Thrillist and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health where she is a contributing writer for the Thrive blog. She teaches at NYU, Grub Street and the Brooklyn Brainery. Jennifer first came to Kripalu in 2002 as a volunteer and has since assisted dozens of programs.

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  • Detox and Eliminating Your Toxic Load

    Seeing detox as a playful way to experiment with eating, instead of a weeklong sacrifice, has given me helpful information for incorporating long-term change...

  • Not All Detoxes Are Created Equal

    A safe way to detox is an elimination diet, in which you eliminate sugar, eggs, grains, dairy, meat, and caffeine for five days, and observe what happens.

  • Gluten and Your Gut

    Even if you don't have celiac disease or a full-blown wheat or gluten allergy, you can still have a reaction to eating gluten.

  • Get Unstuck and Start Writing Again

    Feeling stuck? Love to write but aren’t sure how to get back to it? Spring, a time of renewal, is the perfect time to reaffirm your intention to write more.

  • Eating Your Way to Good Health

    The Paleo diet argues for a return to how our ancestors ate—mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, with limited amounts of fish, seafood, poultry, and whole grains.

  • Getting the Love You Want

    After 44 years of marriage, my parents, now in their 70s, recently got divorced. I’d assumed that at this stage they’d be...

  • The Joy of Cooking

    “I always think of cooking as empowering, and compare it to having a practice like yoga."

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