Karen Skerrett

Karen Skerrett is a clinical psychologist and adjunct faculty at the Family Institute/Center for Applied Psychological Studies at Northwestern University. She maintains ties to her dual training as a nurse and psychologist through a clinical and consulting practice specializing in the treatment of couples and families, particularly those touched by illness. She presents nationally and internationally on resilient processes across the lifespan and strength-based approaches to couple treatment and holds couple retreats on re-storying partnerships. Karen is the author (with Jefferson Singer) of Positive Couple Therapy: Using We-Stories to Enhance Resilience, and Couple Resilience: Emerging Perspectives, (with coeditor Karen Fergus) as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles.


  • Why Stories Matter

    Every life is an unfolding story, a one-of-a-kind tale with infinite potential for comedy and tragedy, says clinical psychologist Karen Skerrett.

  • “We-ness”: The Key to a Positive Relationship

    The source of positive energy for couples lies in a particular type of consciousness called “we-ness," which alters partners’ perspective from one of “it’s all about me” to “it’s really about us.”

  • How’s Your Relationship Fitness?

    Most people say that their relationship with the significant person in their life is the most important thing to them. Yet few of them spend any time improving these relationships.

  • The Power of a We-Story

    A We-story is a particular type of couple story, one that highlights the mutual investment partners have in one another, says clinical psychologist Karen Skerrett.