Karissa Thacker

Karissa Thacker, PsyD, is a positive psychologist who practices executive coaching and leadership development in the world of business. Known for her broad-based perspective and the ability to apply psychology to the practical daily issues that occur in organizations both large and small, she has worked with more than 200 large companies and served as a trusted advisor within AT&T, Best Buy, and UPS. Karissa is the author of The Art of Authenticity and a regular contributor to Fast Company magazine.

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  • Authenticity and the Myth of Total Transparency

    How many of us are completely transparent with ourselves at all times? How do we even know exactly what we're feeling and thinking at any given moment? Kripalu presenter and positive psychologist Karissa Thacker explores the difference between transparency and authenticity.

  • The Quest for the Authentic Self at 3:38 in the Afternoon

    How do we find relaxation, mentally and physically, on the most stressful days? Karissa Thacker explains how the practice of yoga helps her live up to her ideal self.