Laura Lynne Jackson

Laura Lynne Jackson, international speaker, teacher, and psychic medium, is author of New York Times best-selling The Light Between Us and Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe. She has been featured on The Goop LabThe Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox and Friends, Good Day New York, Telemundo, the Huffington Post,,, and various other media outlets throughout the United States and abroad. Laura works with the Windbridge Research Center and serves on the board of the Forever Family Foundation. She is dedicated to teaching people how to embrace their own psychic and intuitive abilities.

“Working with Laura has been a deeply inspiring and powerful journey…The messages she [shares] are full of enlightenment, wisdom, and love and endure through time.” —Danielle P.

“[While] skeptical at first, talking to Laura was a ray of hope. Her counsel, with connection and help from the Other Side, provided the breadcrumbs for me to navigate my way with confidence…I count myself blessed to have found her.” —Julie S.

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